Our full Set Services offers your a wide range of Nail enhancements options any where from Acrylic Powder, Gel Powder, Liquid Gel or the Classic Pink & White Nails. Any Of These Options are appropriate or any special occasions and are recommended to anyone who is looking for strong, sturdy, and long-lasting nails.

Regular Acryic
Regular Acrylic With  Gel Polish
Gel Powder (with clear gel top coat)
Pink and White Acrylic (w/ Gel coat)
Pink and White Ombre (w/ Gel Coat)
UV Liquid Gel 
















1. Fresh Spa Pedicure

Includes toe-nail trimming, cuticle grooming and Shaping, a soothing lotion and a niche hot stonE and foot massage, followed by a nourishing hot towel wrap and tapped with a color polish of your choice. The Fresh Spa Pedicure is perfect pick-me-up after a long and tiring day


2. Rejuvenating Spa Pedicure

Includes Fresh Spa Pedicure plus an exfoliating Sugar and callus foot treatment.


3 Soothing Spa Pedicure

​Includes Fresh Spa pedicure plus an exfoliating Sugar scrub and soft hot paraffin wax.


4. Deluxe Spa Pedicure

Includes Fresh Spa Pedicure plus a callus foot treatment, a refreshing cooling gel, and a softening hot paraffin wax.​


5. The Ultimate Dip Pedicure

An extensive Deluxe Pedicure plus an exfoliating sugar scrub, and a longer footer massage.


Addition Amenities:

Callus Removal
Exfoliating Sugar Scrub
Softening Hot Paraffin Wax
Refreshing Cooling Gel

Gel color will be an additional $20 to the pedicure.





KID'S SERVICES (Apply To Children 10 or Younger)

Kids Hand Polish Change/Toe
Kids Manicure
Kids Pedicure
Kids Gel Polish Change
Kids Gel Manicure
Kids Gel Pedicure

Kids Nail Design - Price will vary based on Design




Dipping SNS color on Natural Nails
Dipping SNS French Manicure
Dipping SNS Full Set with Color
Dipping SNS Full Set P/W

Add a complete Manicure with SNS Service



SNS stand for "Signature Nail Systems" and is also referred to as the dipping powder. It promotes healthy, natural and organic nails because the powder itself is filled with nutrients like calcium, vitamin A, D, E and BS. The other benefits of SNS include looking and feeling natural, remains strong and durable, and is odor-free. Thanks to the SNS, you can now have beautiful nails while keeping it healthy.


1. Fresh Manicure

Includes nail soaking, trimming, cuticle grooming and shaping, along with a smoothing lotion and hand massage, finished with a nourishing hot towel wrap and tapped with a color polish of your choice.

2. Gel Manicure

Includes A Fresh Manicure tapped with a Gel Polish of your liking. Gel Polish Dries Instantly, remains shinny, does not chip or smudge and us long-lasting.




Upper Lips
Eyebrow/Upper Lip/Chin Combo
Full Face
Full Arms
Half Arms
Under Arms
Full Legs
Half Legs
Bikni Line

$45 & Up
$25 & Up
$25 & Up
$45 / $50
$45 & Up
$55 & Up
$40 & Up
$30 & Up
$50 & Up


Nail Designs
Regular/ Gel Matte Top Coat
Nail Shaping/Length
Nail Buff Shine
French Polish
Gel Top Coat
Ombre Nails
Chrome/Holographic Nails
Trim Fingernails/Toes
Hand Polish Change/Toes
Nail Removal With Service/without
Hand Gel Polish Change/Toes
Cat Eye on Gel




(Please call for pricing and appointment)


(Please call for pricing and appointment)

Full Set
Refill (after 2-3 Weeks)
Lash Removal (without New Set)



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